Creating values for inclusion


Barranco, Quartier in Lima, Peru

Partner organization: The association Uniendo Sonrisas has promoted the inclusion of handicapped children and youth into the regular class rooms in Peru since 2009. Strategic alliances with government and private organizations supporting people with special needs have been formed since 2010. Children as well as school communities are encouraged to cooperate and learn from each other.

Project description: More than one and a half million people in Peru are handicapped – physically or mentally. This is equivalent to 5.2% of the population. Because the integrative education policy happens in theory only, 78% of the school-age children with special needs don't attend regular schools. The aim of the project is to promote awareness among the school communities and introduce a holistic approach at integrating handicapped children. This is presently realized at 6 schools through leisure activities, sports days, movie forums, cleaning of beaches and workshops for art and dance.

Contribution apia: apia contributes to the activities at one of the 6 schools with CHF 5000.

Project coordinator: Luis Eduardo Pérez Peralta

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