Preserving cultural identity



Partner organization: Fundación Anthropored, an independet foundation, aims at preserving the traditions of the Muisca - an indigenious ethnic group who has been living in the Bogotá area since pre-Columbian times. The Muisca have fought for their cultural identity for over 500 years. The ongoing urbanization of large cities and their agglomoration continues to be a source of conflicts between the old and the new civilization. The indigenous population wants to preserve their identity and their historical memory and pass it on to their children.

Project description: The project involves entire families and is promoted by members of the Muisca themselves. It covers theatre, weaving, ceramic art, music, dances, the cultivation of certain plants and the preparation of traditional food. To preserve their own identity, their language and traditions, their historical memory (Memoria Histórica) and knowledge helps to enhance the self esteem of the native minority. Encouraging future prospects by strengthening their roots and promoting their heritage also shows them how to cope with restricted financial means.

Contribution apia: apia participates in the cost of weekly wrokshops.

Project coordinator: Aline Peier

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