Keeping up traditional practices: Course in indigenous midwifery


Oaxaca, Mexico

Partner organization: Nueve lunas, Center for Birth and Motherhood. The state of Oaxaca is about twice as big as Switzerland, but numbers only half the population. It is rich in culture and tradition, having 16 different ethnic groups. Infant death rate is, unfortunately, one of the highest in the country, with an above average percentage of caesarian-sections deliveries.

Project description: The organization has set up and implemented a course in traditional indigenous midwifery for young woman from the region. To date, three courses have been successfully completed. The educational model focuses on traditional medicine and the valuable transfer of knowledge from experienced and trusted midwives and doctors. The pupils also gain practical experience working in various decentralized social- and health centers.

Contribution apia: Young indigenous woman from remote areas have received scholarships for the 5-term training course in midwifery.