Model school in the Amazone


Yurimaguas, Peru

Partner organization: Asociación Yurimaguas operates a model school (kindergarten and elementary school) for children from all social layers. Its aim is to encourage an awareness of the indigenous population and to offer a reality-related basic education for them.

Project description: The school comprises 5 wooden pavilions with a thatched rooves, a groundwater well with a high-level tank, a sanitary block with toilets and showers, a biological waste-water treatment plant as well as a round multi-purpose hall, altogether a contemporary infrastructure for up to 120 children with special needs or learning difficulties are integrated if possible. The ultimate goal of the school is to develop and implement an improved high-quality educational curriculum and thus encourage reforms in the public school system. The "Escuela Modelo en el Amazonas" has been continuously and successfully expanding since it was founded in 2006 and apia's support is no longer required.

 Contribution apia: apia has been contributing to the teachers' salaries, to special educational requirements, and to permanent further training.