Recycling for profit


Lima, Peru

Partner organization: CESIP (Centro de Estudios Sociales y Publicaciones) has been active for a number of years in an area characterized for its landfills and informal recycling activities. The population is extremely poor, the workers being mostly women and children, who also do the dangerous work with a range of associated with health hazards.

Project description: The initiative aims at helping single mothers to organize themselves and form small companies to collect, re-condition and market non-organic materials, such as PET bottles, cardboard, paper, metals, aluminum, etc.. The technology used as well as the sanitary conditions have been considerably improved. Direct sale of recycled goods improves the revenue of these "business women". Meanwhile, these associations have also re-grouped into an umbrella organization which advocates children's rights. Members are obliged to keep their children away from the dumps and send them to school. On the other hand the organization helps to improve the legal- and economic situations of the women, so that they can earn a realistic income.

Contribution apia: apia’s contribution went towards the technical training and schooling, as well as the promotion of social activities and the safeguarding of children's rights. It also included micro-credits for startup operations. 30 women and 40 children have taken part in the project.