Support for schools in slum areas


Lima, „San Juan de Miraflores“

Partner organization: The NGO Aynimundo was founded in 2000 and works closely with public schools, kindergartens and day-care centers in order to improve existing structures, offer further education for teachers, counseling for parents and also therapy for children suffering from handicaps. The different initiatives are always based on an appeal from affected persons. Aynimundo supports them, both morally and financially with know-how. The city area is known for its violence, where the public institutions lack funds and generally there are hardly any recreational possibilities for children or for handicapped people.

Project description: The educational program includes training for teachers, school directors and parents and it aims at introducing a concept focused on children that is socially acceptable to replace the mostly authoritarian or militant style ruling in the class rooms. So far four schools with a total of some 2000 pupils have been able to make use of this offer. Also during the two-month school vacation, Aynimundo organizes summer schools where children of all ages, including some with handicaps, engage in project work to spend their free time in a meaningful way. These activities are intended to protect children from forced child labour and other dangers such as drugs and gangs.

Contribution apia: apia has paid for the salary of a support teacher for the last six years.

Project coordinator: Bettina Groher

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