Therapy for handicapped children


Lima, „San Juan de Miraflores“, Peru

Partner organization: The NGO Aynimundo has been working with slum dwellers in the mega city of Lima for more than 10 years by supporting various projects. One of Aynimundo's main focuses is education.

Project description: Finding an income is the primary occupation for many poor families. If additionally to addressing basic needs, a child with a handicap has to be cared for, the situation becomes very demanding. Often the result is neglect; therapies are unaffordable and schooling becomes difficult. Aynimundo accompanies and advises families with legal and financial questions, arranges for speech-, occupational- and physical therapies and promotes the social integration of children and youths. The organization helps to find out about possibilities for schooling or simple jobs for young people. Thus a handicapped member of the family may eventually contribute to improving the existential situation of the family, thereby also improving the self-esteem of all in the process.

Aynimundo works closely with social workers and educators, offering specialized courses and further schooling, so that childrens’ handicaps may be detected at an early age.

Contribution apia: apia's support went towards funding a therapist and a psychologist.