Integrative school for children with and without special needs


Arjona, Bolivar, Colombia

Partner organization:  Corporación Educativa Concebir is a nonprofit organization that helps children with special needs to be integrated into the “normal” school system, ranging from kindergarten to elementary school. The children’s needs are addressed individually, depending on the specific requirements of each. Help is offered in areas such as psychotherapy, physical therapy, special education, behavioral training, music therapy, auditory training and sign language, also learning how to develop each individual’s motor skills with the aim of full social integration.

Project description: A study conducted by Concebir, Bolívar’s government and municipal administration, shows that in Arjona alone there are currently approximately 330 children with special needs. The existing schoolhouse did accommodate around 45 students. An additional floor has  been added and it should now be able to house 80 to 85 children. With 12 class rooms, fours toilets, an auditorium for events, a library and sports grounds, the school aims at introducing also secondary education. A small cafeteria serving simple meals is also part of the project target, as most of the children either suffer from malnutrition or go hungry.

Contribution apia: apia is contributing to the building cost and running of the school.

Project coordinator: Aline Peier

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