Music as a source of cultural identity


Potrerito, Departemento Cauca

Partner organization: The NGO Stiftung RODACANTO, founded by a dedicated former Waldorf teacher together with family, friends and colleagues, promotes an interdisciplinary project contributing to the prevention of violence and promoting educational values. An approach to the individual biography through artistic expression, using culture as a tool with the help of audiovisual methods, strengthens the more vulnerable groups of the population in the Valle de Cauca. The children live in precarious conditions and their parents are often refugees from war-stricken areas of the country. The entire region is characterized by the lack of adequate schooling, unemployment, corruption and the drug mafia.

Project description: Among other activities, Liliana María Sandoval gathers approximately 50 children together in a choir for singing, to develop stories based on their everyday lives and for other musical activities. A highlight is a professionally produced short film. The choir gives public concerts and the viewing of the film finds a positive echo among the village residents. For the young people involved, this means that they now have a voice and gain self-confidence, inner peace and possibly a bit of pride.

Contribution apia: apia supports the project with a contribution of USD 10’000 per year.

Project coordinator: Aline Peier

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