Professional training program for parents


Bogotá, Colombia

Partner organization: The first "Bambi-home“ was opened in 1985, at the initiative of  Dr. Rupert Spillmann While he was working in Cali (Colombia), the Swiss medical doctor was struck by the lack of institutions for pre-school children living in slums. His cousin, H.R. Spillmann, from Geneva, ensures since then the continuity of this project as President of the Fondation Aide aux Enfants created in 1989. The children taken into Bambi homes suffer from the consequences of their parents’ poverty, aggravated by 50 years of civil war. Since 1985, 16’500 children have benefited from the activities in four Bambi homes.

Project desciption: Children admitted to Bambi-homes are often neglected and suffer from malnutrition; the parents commonly being disillusioned and without any hope for the future. Based on a philosophy of sustained long-term action, the PROFEMA program (PROyecto de MEjoramiento FAmiliar), which addresses such precarious situation is aimed at bolstering the parents’ self-esteem and empower them with professional autonomy, so that they can once again manage their own and their families’ lives. A six months training program is offered, after which they are assisted in their searches for jobs. So far, 3700 parents have benefited from this program. The children thus remain at the center of a cycle in which their families, the government, the social systems and the private sector (donors) work together for the childrens’ present and future well-being.

Contribution apia: apia contributed to the funding of courses for the PROMEFA professional training.